MTA Subwaytime Redesign


Redesign the existing MTA Subwaytime app by understanding the needs of the commuter and
designing an experience that simplifies the user journey and clarifies the visual interface. 

Timeline | 2.5 Weeks  

The Redesign


understanding the current app

Artboard 2 Copy.jpg
Artboard 2 Copy 2.jpg

steps through a user journey

1. The Tourist

"I am a visitor to NYC and I want an easy way to figure out how to get from my current location, at Delancey, to Penn Station"

2. The Average New Yorker

"I live in NYC and am familiar with the transit system, but I need a way to figure out how to get from my location to a restaurant near JMZ Bowery on a Sunday."

3. The Commuter

"I use the same route everyday to commute to work and I want to be notified of the schedule and delays. I want to look at my phone as little as possible during my route."


competitive landscape


Pros | Creates options for a tourist or novice traveler.  Offers Suggestions Based on Hierarchy. Creates user journeys that are fun and delightful through animations and illustrations.

Cons | Can be overwhelming. The step-by-step instructions requires a lot of user attention and drains battery power. 


Artboard 3.jpg

Apple Maps

Pros | Minimizes decisions for the user by showing them an optimal path, eliminating the guesswork and stress. 

Cons | Hard to navigate the different options for a route and customize your journey. 

Artboard 2.jpg



Paper Sketching


Wireframe Drafts


Final Wireframes


ui inspiration


Applying UI


Ui Initial Exploration

ui exploration.png

Final Designs