Koselig is an interactive softgood built with the purpose of bringing physical interactions back into long distance relationships. 


The Team

Created alongside two other industrial designers passionate about relationships in a digital age, we built our garment to bring back the warm interactions and physical touches indicative of being with a loved one.


My Role

Originally tasked with the goal to make something "playful",  I challenged the team to think of a concept beyond play targeted at young children. I handled the user interviews and surveys critical for our inspiration and research, along with all 2D deliverables including photography and video


Koselig /koosh-lee/ Norwegian

The sensation of comfort and inner warmth you feel when returning to a familiar place; the tranquility of sitting with friends around a campfire; the overwhelming happiness you feel when you embrace a loved one.  


Built as a set of two, Koselig's users can send their lover's paired garment a "nudge” (a small vibration in the shoulder of their partner’s garment) or make a call in a more pleasant and intimate environment by interacting with the hood. 






inspiration + research