Joseph joseph radio

The Joseph Joseph radio is simple and playful piece of technology to add to the kitchen experience. The design and interactions are inspired by the Joseph Joseph's brand attributes emphasizing functional, playful, simple, and empathic design. 



While the exterior design is styled complimentary to Joseph Joseph's existing product lines, the functionality responds to the pain-points of interacting with technology in the kitchen by allowing the product to operate in multiple orientations and utilize wall space.



Branding exercises include: identifying unique selling points, talking with CEO Tony Joseph, interviewing customers, defining internal and external brand perception, comparing against competing brands, analyzing current products and brand style guides, and conceptual brainstorm such as 'imagining Joseph Joseph as a vacation holiday, chair, or meal?' 


design exploration

Combining empathic design studies with 2D and 3D sketching created a design process which aimed to evolve the kitchen radio experience and incorporate the Joseph Joseph brand. Further explorations through tear-downs, sustainability journaling and social impact brainstorming brought awareness to the social, ecological and technical side of designing a radio. 


Sketchbook Sample


Empathic studies of existing products and low-fidelity prototypes


Tear Down