This wearable and paired smartphone app creates a simple way to find people to work out with on short notice.


The Team

Working with design students Jake Scherlis and Catherine Zheng, we researched the benefits of collaborative exercise and created a solution that responds to the pain points discovered in our research. 

My Role

I was responsible for implementing the research techniques we used, and helped conduct the surveys, interviews, and design the make tools used to gather information. I independently created all wireframes and interfaces for the smartphone application. 

Wearable Version One : Wrist Design

Wearable Version One : Wrist Design

Wearable Version Two : Key Design

Wearable Version Two : Key Design


user research


Territory Map

We started with brainstorming the connected systems and effected relationships that our injected solution would impact.  This was critical to informing how our proposed solution would be integrated into a persons life and their existing environments. This network manifested into the first map seen below.


Survey + Interviews

To create an accurate product, we conducted a survey that helped us identify time commitments, motivational factors, and exercise habits. The survey was taken by 270 members of the community (a sample of which is displayed). Our on-site interviews in gyms helped us deepen our knowledge about fitness routines, while our interviews with friend groups allowed us to explore the idea of social motivation. 


Stakeholder Map

From our gathered research, we developed a map of the main areas of focus (goals, exercise, time commitments, friends) that our product would address. The map, pictured last, helped create a frame for our final solution.