Emerald cloud labratories

User Experience work for Emerald Cloud Laboratories

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The primary challenge was to create a system that worked for its user and was technically feasible to build within the laboratory's current infrastructure. Because of the depth of Emerald's data, the interface had to offer the correctly presented hierarchy of information combined with immense scalability. This allowed the dashboard to be an effective tool for completing laboratory tasks, while still preserving the visual simplicity desired by the users.   

Problem Space

The operator dashboard of the Emerald Cloud Laboratory is the software that handles every experiment run in the labratory. It serves as the sole communication channel between the wet-lab and all involved stakeholders, data, and components. Redesigning this system was cruical for creating a more efficient and capable laboratory. 


Using Sketch and InVision, I designed the wireframes for the company-facing software used to run all experiments. I worked directly with the scientific development, engineering, and laboratory operations teams to test and ensure feasibility in my designs. I was also responsible for shadowing, interviewing, and running user-research strategies with biologists.  I presented my work in weekly meetings to the CEO and Creative Director, along with presenting at company-wide meetings throughout the summer. 



Emerald Cloud Labs is a biotech company in San Francisco revolutionizing science by connecting it to the cloud.  Its interdisciplinary team is comprised of biologists, chemists, computer scientists, biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, designers, and computational biologists. 

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