Cosmetics Genetics

A speculative look at possible timeline and future of genetic engineering

about Part I

Part I analyzes past trends in similar industries in order to make a prediction about the ways  genetic engineering will be advanced, implemented, and ultimately misused.  The history of similar technologies informs a pattern in which the original practice degrades and becomes abused by the public.




Progression of Plastic Surgery for Cosemetic Reasons (shown in blue)

Progression of Plastic Surgery for Medical Reasons (shown in black)

Progression of Popular Mood Altering Drugs for Medical Reasons (shown in black)

Identified Common Themes and Events


Detail of part i 


About Part II

Part II explores what these predictions might look like as they unfold in the media by creating imagined futures showing both the benefits and side effects of
these industries. 


exhibition DISPLAY

Cosmetic Genetics was on display at the Miller Gallery from 12.2 - 12.10 and was the largest graphic work in the Senior Design Show