Starting as a challenge to translate abstract ideas into visual forms, CODE translates 40 words commonly used 'millennial expressions' into symbols, and then explores the ability to create a viral trend of these graphics among the students
of Carnegie Mellon University. 


viral campaign 

Our Installation ran from 02/19/14 - 02/21/14 in the Carnegie Mellon University Center

Press:  Designs for the 21st Century: Feel Self-Empowered with Meaningful, Expressive Tattoos


social response

Participants of CODE were invited to anonymously share their response of why they chose a particular symbol or meaning; these responses were recorded and posted on our public Facebook page here.

Over the course of our four days open we were able to post 140 photos and responses. Below is a sample of our collected content. 




Symbol: leaving now

Given the word 'leaving now' I started by examining contemporary symbols that convey motion and location. From GPS, maps, to walking figures, I narrowed this subject through iterations which utilized the visual concept of gestalt. Ultimately,  I designed a symbol that combines sense of motion and absence. 

Medium: Cut Paper

Medium: Cut Paper