Exploring the ability to create a new language and turn it into a viral trend


Our goal was to create an event with enough physical and online presence that it would become a 'talked about topic' amongst our larger community.  

Problem Space

This project asked our design class to reimagine the language used by millennials as 40 symbols;  then, working in a small group with six other students, we were challenged to make our code go viral across the Carnegie Mellon campus.

Timeline | 4 Weeks

The Team

Our seven person team completed this project as a part of our freshman year studio exploring design. At times we also worked as a larger, 40-person group, to develop the original symbols used in the project. 

My Role

I was instrumental in the concept of the project, coming up with the idea to tattoo the code. With another student, we reimagined the meaning of the symbols to imbue more meaning and create an emotional responce. Additionally, I helped film and edit the video and record stories for our Facebook page. 

viral campaign


social response

Participants of CODE were invited to anonymously share their response of why they chose a particular symbol to our facebook page.